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Ed Eckerle
Michigan USA
Larsson's Camp Guest Since 2009


After returning home (Michigan) and having a chance to settle in I would like to again thank you all at Larsson's Camp for giving me the opportunity to wolf hunt. I am very happy with the outcome of the hunt, being able to shoot a 91 lb. male wolf and seeing several other wolves in the wild. The cabin (#6) was very comfortable; the food in the lodge was great (prepared by Brenda and Christine). The 8" - 10" of snow the first day was somewhat unexpected but made hunting better. My hunting partner got his wolf the first day and I got mine the third day. David had a hard time carrying it out of the bush (he won't admit it). Again thank you, Darryl, Brenda and David, Christine. Please feel free to use my e-mail address for references." ED ECKERLE, OCTOBER 23, 2009.

Bill's patience, tremendous attitude, and faith in us finally paid off as he bagged his first wolf on October 6th, 2009. Congratulations, Bill!

Bill Lange
Missouri, USA
Larsson's Camp guest since 2001


"If you are into a challenging hunt with the opportunity to spend hours in the beautiful Canadian wilderness you should try a wolf hunt with Larsson's Camp in Ontario. I have been fortunate to spend time at this camp several times both bear hunting and wolf hunting. Although the bear hunting is fantastic my favorite time spent at Larssons has been in search of the beautiful and elusive Timber Wolf! I have been lucky enough to see timber wolves two times in Canada however I am still looking forward to the day when I put the wolf on the wall. The hunt is best done in January thru March when the fur is at its best but that also means hours in the wilderness in extremely cold temperatures.You will be rewarded for spending time in the bush this time of year by seeing and hearing Ravens and Eagles which are drawn by the beaver carcasses used to bait the wolves. You will probably see fox and coyote sometime during your wait also. Should you be fortunate enough to see the wolf or wolves you will have seen the most beautiful and intriguing animal I have had the pleasure to hunt. Although I hunt probably 130 or more days each year and have taken Elk, Bear, Deer and many Turkeys there is no thrill like seeing a 100 pound Timber Wolf. If you are patient and enjoy the solitude of the snow-covered wilderness you should try a week of wolf hunting at Larsson's Camp. By the way the accommodations are great and the food they prepare is wonderful.

If you would like more information please feel free to email me at the above address." BILL LANGE, MARCH 2003

Al Newell
Wisconsin, USA
Larsson's Camp guest since 2000


Hey Guys,
"I just wanted to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to come up and hunt wolves with you. I had a blast! I knew up front that wolves can be very difficult to hunt and that the weather conditions can be challenging. You guys really did your homework in scouting and finding a promising place to hunt. The wolves were there (judging by the fresh tracks I found on most mornings) but seeing them during hunting hours was another story, despite our best decoying and calling efforts! Fortunately the coyote, fox, eagles, ravens jacks and other wildlife, along with the spectactular sunrises and sunsets provided plenty of entertainment to pass the time. The weather wasn't an issue as the enclosed blinds provided shelter from the wind and snow and it was nice to have the option of a portable heater if I needed it. I certainly learned a great deal about wolves and wolf hunting on this trip! The snowmobiling, snowshoeing and excellent ice fishing were just frosting on the cake. The lodging accomodations were first rate and the meals were fantastic! As always, one of the best parts of any hunting trip is sharing camp with knowledgable guides and good friends, and once again, you guys really came through! I can't wait to give it another try next year. I'm also looking forward to seeing you guys in August. Thanks again, Big Al." - AL NEWELL, MARCH 2003

Dave Christensen
Minnesota, USA
Larsson's Camp guest since 2007
"My week at Larsson's Camp started with the excitement and anticipation of a school boy on the first day of summer vacation.  The 8 hour drive to their lodge in Ontario seemed to fly by as I played out every possible scenario of the upcoming hunt in my mind.  I was finally going to hunt wolves in Canada!
After my arrival and meeting my hosts I was shown the layout of the area.  By noon I was sitting in a blind and watching for any movement along the tree line near the baited site.  Aside from the ravens flying overhead I was surrounded by the silence of the North woods. Later I walked back toward the truck and I could hear wolves howling in the distance. This was my first time to enjoy that sound in the wild, and it was incredible! I howled back and the entire area seem to come alive with the sound of wolves. I have no idea how many  there were, but for that brief moment I felt very much alone to say the least. After a few howls back and forth I called on my predator call (rabbit in distress) that has worked so many times on coyotes but I had no idea if it would sound appetizing to wolves. The air became silent for a few moments and then I could hear the sound of wolves fighting and one was definitely on the losing end! They were getting closer! I waited and watched without calling or howling anymore. Within a few minutes I could see several wolves trotting in my direction. This is what I had dreamed of and it was all coming together just like it was supposed too! There were eight wolves that I could see and probably more in the thicker woods. I slowly raised my rifle and set the crosshairs on the lead wolf's chest and it was then I realized there was some brush between me and the pack. He was at 75 yards and would have to come another 50 yards to clear the brush completely. At that moment they all stopped suddenly and stared in my direction. I took the shot. He froze briefly and then they all scattered to the woods on either side. There was no sign that he was hit and, in fact, after a hundred yards or so into the woods he had started to rejoin his pack and was down to a normal pace again. I had missed one of the most important shots of my life but I had also just experienced something that will stay with me forever. Even now as I write these words, I can hear the howls and feel the anticipation just the same as when I saw wolves for the first time on that cold afternoon in February.
It snowed just enough each day that new tracks could easily be seen on the morning walks into either of the bait sites I was hunting. Sometimes in the middle of the day new tracks would show up as I moved from one hiding spot to another, They were there and I'm sure I was being watched at times but I never had another chance to shoot one. It was mostly a cat and mouse game and they just played it much better than me! That week was one of my best hunting trips and I will be going back next month for another try. David and Darryl are very knowledgeable in all aspects of wolf, bear and whitetail hunting and just good guys to be around and share stories with. Christine and Brenda make you feel at home and their cooking was wonderful!! My room was clean, comfortable and a welcome sight each night. I highly recommend Larsson's Camp for a quality hunt."   DAVE CHRISTENSEN, FEBRUARY 2007

Camp guest since 2007 email: "My week at Larsson's Camp started with the excitement and