Jay Brand and Group
Michigan, USA
August 2002

"We made it back home to the upper peninsula of Michigan with no problems, but wish we could have turned around and gone right back!  We all agreed we had a wonderful week and are looking forward to next year on Caliper Lake.  Thanks again, have a great winter, and see you next August!" JAY BRAND AND GROUP.  Michigan, USA.  August 2002.

Randi & Tami Gates and Frankie & Darvi Steponik
Wisconsin, USA
June 2004

"Our stay here at Larsson's Camp on Caliper Lake was very relaxing, enjoyable, and we all caught a lot of fish.  Our hosts here at Larsson's Camp were very nice, outgoing, and very helpful for anything we needed; they all were right there to lend a helpful hand.  Darvi has waited for more than 20 years for this trip to Canada and believe us she did not go away unhappy as you can see in this picture.  Thanks so much for everything!  I would definitely come back again and also recommend Larsson's Camp to anyone interested." RANDI & TAMI GATES and FRANKIE & DARVI STEPONIK.  Wisconsin, USA.  June 2004. 


Jerry Mettling
Minnesota, USA
July 2004

"This was our second year in a row coming up to Larsson's Camp from Minnesota.  We, my daughter Samantha, son Aaron, and I, really enjoyed it last year and wanted to come back again which is different for us because we usually go to a different place every year.  Last year we caught good fish on Caliper, but Daryl guided us on Beadle Lake and we caught some nice northerns.  My son caught a 38" northern that is now hanging on the wall of his bedroom, and that was worth every penny!  What a day!  This year the fishing was really good here on Caliper.  We caught everything from jumbo perch, rock bass, small mouth bass, nice walleyes and really nice crappies, and a lot of very nice northerns.  My daughter caught a 32 and a half inch, a 33 inch and a 36 and half inch northern (she was really shaking after the last one)!  My son caught one even bigger than last years, a 39 and a quarter inch northern, and he caught most of the big crappies, one 16 incher!  Wow!  We stayed in cabin #5 which is the oldest cabin, but we requested it this year because of its character.  We really like the setting of this resort.  Darryl & Brenda and David & Christine are all really nice, and really made us feel welcome, which is why we came back.  I would recommend Larsson's Camp to anyone!" JERRY METTLING.  Minnesota, USA.  July 2004.